San Diego Home Buyers: Looking for a home? Save time and money, its easy as register, search & tour!

Find Your Dream Home by registering when clicking on “Search San Diego“, then click on “home finder account“, and register. No obligation,  but useful information! Courtesy of Grace & Company.

  1. Searching for homes on our website is easy and the newest listing are updated DAILY. You must register to qualify for savings.
  2. Simply let us know which homes you want to see and we will schedule a tour at your convenience!

For Loan Prequalification and Pre-Approval

  1. Call us for a quick pre-approval 10 minutes. We pre-qualify and complete your loan application over the phone 858-492-9262.
  2. By completing the loan application and faxing to 858-630-3644 or email us, we rebate or credit you $300 at the close of escrow! Restrictions apply.


What we do:  Going BEYOND Brand name or Big Box store in services.

You will be working with Frans VanLeeuwen, the Broker/Owner of Grace exclusively.  Frans is a Broker’s Broker, because he has done both the real estate transaction and the mortgage loan transaction for over 25 years.  He is licensed to do both Real Estate and Mortgage loans, regardless if you use both services, he still will provide you the inside knowledge and process you need to know and expect from an experienced Realtor and Loan Officer.  You will not be handed off to an “assistant”. Frans works with a limited number of clients  so he can devote his full attention to the needs of his clients.


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